Personal Coaching Topics Include:

Stress, Anxiety, Sadness


We target all negative emotions which hinder your well-being such as: Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Sadness, Worry, Hurt, Guilt etc.   We reinforce positive states of mind such as feeling more: Confident, Relaxed, Motivated, Organised, Focused, Powerful, Courageous etc. and also provide self-initiating mechanisms to allow you to access them whenever you want.

Fitness & Health


Your personal trainer will design a tailor-made training programme and provide one-to-one personal training. NLP techniques will also be used to assess and address the triggers which prevent you from achieving your Heath & Fitness goals as well as improving your association you have with specific exercise workouts so you feel more motivated and determined to achieve your fitness goals.

Weight Loss


Diets provide inconsistent results leading to fluctuating weight gain and weight loss. Our powerful techniques will help produce more effective change and long term consistency in working towards losing weight and having a slimmer, more healthy body. 

Quit Smoking


The chemical component of a cigarette is only a single part of the addiction. A smoker learns to relieve stress and boredom by smoking and before you know it… the habit is ‘hard wired’ into your lifestyle. Our coaching will identify and address the trigger points, and improve your chances to quit smoking for good.  

Cut Down On Drinking


We will address the trigger points and change the association you have with alcohol for example from ‘enjoying the taste’ to being ‘put off by the taste’. This is only suitable if you are really serious about giving up alcohol for good.

Exam & Study

We  identify the obstacles which prevent you from progressing towards your goal such as procrastinat

We will identify and address the obstacles which prevent you from progressing in your studies such as; procrastination (putting it  off), lack of motivation, fear of taking exams, insomnia etc.